Outdoor Gigs

outdoor gigs

Whilst watching Glastonbury recently I was reminded of the joys of outdoor gigging.

We regularly get to see some amazing country houses and hotels when playing at people’s Wedding receptions, some beautifully decorated marquees and the inside of the occasional pub (sometimes whilst at a gig)!  But outdoor gigs are something a bit different.  What Glastonbury (watching Lily Allen – with weird milk bottles on stage) reminded me about was that outdoor gigs during the daytime just feel a bit odd – like most of the undead, we only come out at night.

Well not quite only, but most of the time.

In May we were back at Dartmouth Music Festival (and are already booked again for next year) and for the first half of the gig the light pouring in the large roof of the Dartmouth Yacht Club just felt odd, it was a beautiful night, but we looked forward to the sun going down so that the stage lighting could really take effect.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s absolutely fantastic playing outdoors, last year headlining Kingsbridge Fair Week was fantastic (and dark) and we’re really looking forward to headlining Bovey Picninc in the Park at the end of the month, the joys of being in the fresh air are fantastic – rather than wishing there was a door or window close by for some oxygen, but just don’t be surprised if when you catch us in the daytime we’re wearing sunglasses.