Girl Power

OK don’t panic, we’re not announcing a sudden desire to cover material by the Spice Girls – so far if any band member has had a desire to cover Viva Forever they have kept it to themselves! (N.B I had to look up a song name).

What I’m referring to is the last few weeks of Dodgey dominated female news.

1. Stacey is in the band – she’s fantastic and I’m sure you’ll agree when you get to see her.  Try 25th July at the Spinning Wheel, Paignton or 27th July in Kingsbridge for a start.


2. We’ve recently confirmed a new gig in November, for a Band (Dodgey), BBQ and Bonfire night set up by 2 women starting their own events business. Roll on November, we all love something good to eat at a gig.

3. Finally we’re playing at Mrs V Says Relax a retirement do for Mrs Vallance who’s been teaching at the same school for 37 years.

Go Girls